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MIIT Disclosure Compliance second batch of steel prices next

33 steel enterprises in Hebei squeeze List

12 6 December, the Ministry of disclosure in line with the second batch list "of the steel industry norms conditions" steel enterprises, including Baosteel Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, Chinas number of emerging international steel prices finalists.
worth noting that in April this year, failed to enter the list of the first batch of steel enterprises in Hebei steel prices, the largest proportion in the second batch list, including Yanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Tangshan Iron and Steel Group , Tangshan Guofeng Iron and Steel and other steel companies in Hebei Province 33 finalists, the largest proportion in all provinces.
"into compliance, including a list of must have the quality, safety and environmental certifications, these certifications are very strict." steel enterprises in Hebei an executive, told reporters that "the whole operation, including records and record emission standards, is dynamic monitoring and management need to see the whole process of implementation of records and procedures to meet environmental requirements only one result. "

"Steel companies have been restructuring and transformation, estimates did not meet the criteria to continue the transformation of the enterprise, it is difficult if not into the third installment, and the next batch list is certainly not so much." above steel enterprises executives said.
previously head of the Ministry explained steel enterprises in Hebei Province "absent" first list of causes: iron and steel enterprises in Hebei Province at that time adjustment, restructuring, iron and steel enterprises in the province were not involved in the declaration.
"second batch list, all provinces have reported up more than 140 iron and steel enterprises." CISA vice chairman Zhu Jimin last month on the "Daily Economic News" reporter, said the first half of next year will launch a third approved list of compliant steel prices, the conditions do not meet the specifications of the enterprise, the next step will be possible to resolve the capacity required to be included in the list of elimination.
On the 11th Chinese steel industry chain strategy development and investment summit, the Ministry who said publicly that the list of companies into compliance covering about 80% to 90% of total steel production capacity is now China, the total number of enterprises controlled at around 200 .
For about 200 companies, the Ministry will continue to regulate the production requirements and verification time in about two years. After verification, the company did not meet the requirements will be given a certain period through technical standards, if it is below standard in the rectification period, it is necessary from the qualified list.
Ministry will establish a "trinity" of the management system, has been introduced on the basis of "the steel industry norms conditions" on that is working on "the steel industry standardize enterprise management approach", "steel industry norm condition implementing guidelines."
resolve cMIIT Disclosure Compliance second batch of steel prices next year a list of differences in policies,apacity "starting point"

to resolve overcapacity, the Ministry said earlier that steel companies will continue to steadily promote normative work, and strive to "Twelve Five", the existing steel production of about 80% can be incorporated into the standard management category. To promote and implement standardized conditions as the starting point of Chinas steel industry to conduct a comprehensive specification.
"Under such a policy, in fact, steel prices are in the good direction, help ease overcapacity." above Hebei Steel corporate executives on the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that this will put some survive tough eliminated or merged businesses, upgrading infrastructure, and improve management.
"In this case, we can say, now the countrys steel enterprises are carrying out reform, energy-saving and emission reduction and endogenous change is good for the environment." above steel enterprises in Hebei executives said.
West Shinkansen analyst Qiuyue Cheng told reporters at the Ministry of the list audit process, many steel companies do not meet the requirements for some rectification has been made, "the last to go on a business trip in Jiangsu learned that many mills sintering machine in the transformation, the transformation of a good worker acceptance letter department again, you can enter through the list, and some can not afford the transformation of small steel mills will be eliminated. "
"This is a lengthy process, after the list came out, at that time there will be differences in credit-related difference hydropower policies introduced." Qiuyue Cheng told reporters, combined with other policies, thereby compressing noncompliant living space, forcing it to withdraw from the market, and thus resolve excess capacity.