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What are the specific classification Residential Fence

Residential Fence also called "residential area fence, residential fence," Residential Fence Tomahawk piece unique design makes the overall product lines more smoothly. Fence Post groove design makes between columns and fence pieces without any connection, they can become unable to disassemble the whole, more improved security protective effect. Residential area fence uprights have chassis type, base type, hanging type, and so a variety of styles to meet your different venue installation. There are many variations residential fence, can be divided into several types, which specific category yet.

Residential Fence is designed for safety and aesthetic and practical residential district as one of the protective fence, the main choice of peach-type column guardrail, square columns fence, double ring fence, bilateral wire fence and other attractive appearance and excellent performance of professional protective fence net product, of course, the top of the column can be connected to a special cell fences V-arm (Y-type column fence), a combination of upper and barbed wire is more to protect the community's safety.