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Fence prices much money one square meter?

Often encountered in the first sentence of customer calls inquiry is the price of your home much money one square meter fence? In fact, the price level is decided fence along the Nanjing fence material, size, surface treatment and column size, among other factors.

1, the fence is made of low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire or welded or woven. If using the same material thicker diameter steel slightest fence so the higher the price. In these types of stainless steel wire, welded wire fence with the price is the highest.

2, Fence larger the size the higher the price, the higher the price the smaller mesh fence, the higher the price the more complex process fence.

3, Fence Post Material Specifications Material thickness also determines the price level fence.

4, Fence surface treatment is divided into: cold galvanizing, hot dip galvanized, spray, hot dip. Now more commonly used is hot dip, hot dip process corrosion aging performance, appearance, bright color, smooth surface, the plastic evenly. Hot dip galvanized guardrail than otherwise deal price is relatively higher.

Spot framework Fence ex-factory about 25 yuan a square meter, spot Bilateral wire fence about 12 yuan a square meter factory price